Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS literally Signifies to Reach a high number of recipients immediately through SMS on cellular terminals.
It’s the most cost effective mobile marketing platform, which lets you connect with your customers/audience simply by a click. Volume messaging permits you
to send SMS to mobile handsets anywhere around the globe, which is often used for conveying short information, alarms, reminders, verifications (OTP),
marketing, which is best used in keeping communication with the

  1. Instant Delivery
  2. Low Price
  3. No Technical Skills Required
  4. One to reach
  5. Short and SimpleThere are mainly two types of Bulk SMS are there:
  6. Transactional SMS
  7. Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS also Known as informational SMS. Mainly used to communicate information such as sending OTP
for verification, sending updates, alarms, reminders, etc.. Virtually every
the industrial sector uses transactional SMS solutions in some way.

Promotional SMS does not Mean to promote your business but really it can help you to communicate the latest offers,
deals related to products and services that you offer.

TEXTMAGICSend Texts Online

Send A text online to your staff and customers. Import contacts and manage lists throughout your TextMagic account.

Email to SMS Sending Texts out of an email are easy. We simply convert your email into a text message and then deliver it, with all answers then arriving as mails.

SMS Gateway APIIntegrate
Our SMS gateway with your site or software utilizing SMS API tools and add text messaging to your organization workflow.

SMS Software for PC & Mac

Messenger is a desktop app that lets you send messages that are targeted to
your viewers, either one at a time or in bulk.

Two-Way SMS ChatSend
And receive immediate text messages using our online SMS chat. It’s ideal for distant communication with staff and customers.

SMS Distribution lists
Email sent to a distribution list speech is immediately forwarded as a text message to all mobile numbers saved in the listing.

Get SMS OnlineUse
Our dedicated or shared SMS numbers to receive inbound SMS and answers to a text message from customers and personnel.

Global SMS CoverageReach
Your clients and staff globally using over 1,000 mobile networks across 200+ countries.

App for iOS & AndroidQuickly

Send and receive SMS texts, create contacts and lists, manage your campaigns on the fly with your mobile phone.

Zapier SMS IntegrationsUse
Zapier to connect TextMagic with your favorite apps. It is easy automation that helps your small business.

Single Sign-On for EnterprisesLogin
Into TextMagic using your protected identity provider credentials and easily give access to team members.

Enterprise SMS SolutionsEnterprise
Solutions comprise audit logs, role-based access, and SSO that are just a few of the features that enable you to grow.

SMS Surveys for Collecting Feedback

Boost Customer experience and receive invaluable feedback on your services instantly and from any audience.

Two-Factor Authentication

Authenticate Users via text messages, secure low-level transactions and include an extra layer of protection to your software.

Carrier Lookup & Number Validation

Identify Invalid phone numbers and carriers immediately and get better results and delivery rates with your SMS campaigns.

Email Lookup & Validation

Assess The status, deliverability, and hazard level of email addresses with our specialist email validation service and API.

Atomic SMS sender

Atomic SMS Sender Main Features

Atomic SMS Sender is an online program Which Allows bulk SMS text
Messaging from your computer to cell phones. 700 mobile operators in 200
countries support

Sends text messages in any vocabulary

SMS spoofing (place who the message seems to come from )
encouraged for most countries and carriers.
Unlimited message size – communications over 160 Latin symbols or 70 Unicode
symbols are split into several parts
10 free SMS to Check our service
Template SMS – create any number of your text message templates.
Volume text sending by groups
Scheduler Which Allows you to send the mailing instantly or
anytime you specify
Subscription forms featured together with the SMS receiving date choice and individual layout for putting on your website

Text messages shipping accounts.

More Atomic SMS Sender Running Characteristics
You can send text message in GSM alphabet (
Latin, punctuation symbols etc.) or even Unicode alphabet.
1 SMS text message is limited to 160 GSM characters or 70 Unicode
characters including space.
Long text messages have to be broken up into smaller parts, the character
limitation for every section of a multi-part text message is lesser compared to that of a single-part text message and will be 153
GSM or 67 Unicode characters.
Such multi-part text message will probably be still shown to your receiver as a single message.
SMS Counter displaying information about the total length of
your message is porvided from the service. Sender ID (“SMS in” area ) could be maximum 11 letters or 14 numbers in Unicode.
SMS message validity interval is 24 to 48 hours. The Validity interval defines the time that the incoming SMS message is attempting to send into a mobile phone that might be out of reach. In case the message cannot be delivered following this period expires, the delivery is ceased.
SMS messages are generally delivered within a minute but can
sometimes take a little longer.

API implemented to support interfacing with your software and internet projects.

SMS Unsubscribe

Among the functions Provided by Atomic SMS is the ability to unsubscribe from receiving SMS messages. In case the customer does not need to get information out of you, they is able to leave your list. He can do this simply by clicking on the link in the message. Be careful when adding this kind of reference, since it will increase the length of your message. Consider just including unsubscribe links in certain messages instead of all of them.

The telephone numbers of customers who have clicked this link go into an
“Exceptions” list. It is impossible to remove phone numbers from this
list. In long run, no SMS messages will be transmitted to the phones on this list of exceptions.
You’re able to view details about unsubscribers in your accounts.

People who work with the Atomic API interface may also apply the
Unsubscribe alternative. Just incorporate the unsubscribe link–http://nosms.co/XXXXX,
where the”XXXXX” will be substituted by a required value–on your SMS
message content.

This feature enables customers to not receive info from you and
Adds credibility to your company.

Lantech softAndroid Phones Support Utility for PC

Android Bulk SMS Sender is a Bulk SMS sending
The tool from Ten Android mobiles through a single platform at once. You can send
Thousands of SMS from the PC through connected Android Phone. You Have to set up the android & Desktop SMS Sender Modem’ Program in your mobile to get connected to the Android Bulk SMS Sender. You can import the contact list in the files (text and excel documents ) or input contacts . It is possible to send SMS to any variety of recipients with no constraints from the computer software. Android Bulk SMS Sender allows you to send INTERNATIONAL SMS in BULK with the characteristic of adding country code as prefix into Mobile Numbers. Android SMS sender also lets you customize SMS with several areas like (Mobile Number, Name etc).
It allows you to pick a mobile numbers from all connected mobile phones whereby you would like to send SMS from PC. Android Bulk SMS Sender includes many features like delay in SMS to be delivered. Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS from pc to mobile.

Android Bulk SMS Sender Functions as an innovative
Marketing tool on the current market, making it easier to send promotional messages and hyperlinks. You may send customized messages to all the contacts. By way of example, you can add the title of contacts from the message for a personal touch. It and keeps Logfile for Sent and Failed SMS with number, corresponding message, and trademarks of SMS sent. The unique feature of Android Bulk SMS Sender is that it sends SMS
to All DND/NON-DND Mobile Numbers. This SMS sending software sends SMS to people or records of phone numbers. Android Bulk SMS Sender is compatible with both Windows 7 andWindows 10. It only requires you to have the SIM in your phone and no information connection is necessary for its functioning. It supports Multi
Lingual SMS so that you can send SMS from French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, German and many Others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Android & Desktop
SMS Sender Modem App” required for your Android Phone.

Key Characteristics

Send SMS via
Android phones via PC.
SMS Price as you can buy

Infinite SMS Packs from Airtel/ Vodafone/Idea along with other GSM operators.
Send SMS to All DND/NON-DND Mobile Numbers.
Send SMS to individuals list of telephone numbers. Load Contact Numbers from File.
Send exceptionally or Personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel File Data.
Send message many Various Languages (Unicode).
Provides facility to Send SMS using Delayed Delivery Alternatives
Insert Custom Field value To generate unique SMS for each and every Contact. Sent messages can

Easily be saved and viewed by the consumer.
Compatible with Android Phones.
No internet connection Must send SMS.

The Way It Works

How to send Bulk SMS

Make sure”Android
& Desktop SMS Sender Modem App” is set up on Mobile and
Your phones have an SMS package or sufficient balance to send SMS.
Connect your own Android
Phone With Local Network Using WiFi
Open Android &
Desktop SMS Sender Modem App and Start Server
An IP is Generated for
Start Android Bulk SMS
Click’Add Android
Telephones’ Button
Enter the IP Address
Displayed in Android & Desktop SMS Sender Modem App
Click ‘Add’ Button
List of Connected
Android Phone is Displayed
Insert or Import Mobile
Numbers of recipients.
Apply SMS text.
You can also send
Unique PERSONALIZED SMS for every receiver utilizing Excel Data

Guaranteed connections worldwide

Reach all your clients worldwide via one API and revel in uninterrupted SMS service in the scale you need. With much more direct operator relations than any other text messaging supplier, Infobip’s private cloud-based company grade network guarantees exceptional performance and dependability. Notably for mission essential use cases.

Reach clients quicker

At scale Make your worldwide message delivery faster and more reliable, without breaking the bank. Our intelligent routing engine explores multiple path parameters in real-time to find the shortest path for every message. Our 400 direct operator links, together with zero middlemen, help you keep costs low

.Expand your brand’s

Global reach without complexityOur built-in worldwide compliance engine is constantly updated with the latest in-country regulations and operator demands. No need to worry about state details such as queuing, text tags, blackout periods, or sender IDs — we ensure compliance for your benefit.

Don’t limit yourself to 160 characters

Create global SMS messages in any format, language, or length. Our platform auto-sets the appropriate encoding to ensure your text reads perfectly on any device throughout the globe. But your message could be, our program will ensure it displays the way you planned on any other device.